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What is SoRe?
SoRe (School of Rejects) is a fictional webcomic made by two people. For the most part it is a comedy, but there will also be action, romance, drama, and anything else I may feel like adding in. The main concept of the comic is that there is a school and home for fictional characters that have been forgotten/rejected/unfinished. For the most part, these chars are not ones you would normally see in your average stories. There is more to the comic than this, but I don't want to give too much away.

How is SoRe made?
The whole comic is 90% traditional and I prefer it that way, even though computer art may look smoother.
The first step is inspiration and mental visualization. I then sketch out rough thumbnails and discuss it with TMM. I usually work on a few pages at once to keep my interest going. The second step is to pencil out the pages, ink the outlines, and then erase the pencil. The third step is to ink and color the pages with watercolor pencils and markers. Crayons are sometimes used for backgrounds. The fourth step is to fix the pages, usually with a damp paintbrush to smooth the pencils, paint to fix glaring mistakes, etc. The fifth and final step is to scan the page in and with Photoshop to erase my handwriting and insert typed text for the speech bubbles. Some other light editing may occur, but I try not to let myself dwell too much or else the comics would never get done.

How it began:
About in 2002, I was introduced by a friend into the world of online role-playing. Being a story-teller and artist by nature, I took to the role-playing quickly and soon it became a favorite pastime. I loved being able to play with different people and seeing the types of chars they would play, either in a good way or a bad way. This is also how I met TMM, a fellow role-player and later, partner in crime.

Sadly, as everyone started entering adulthood, most of us became too busy or lost interest to play. But what would happen to my characters? I was too attached to them to forget about completely, but I didn't have any plans for them in the future. I also wanted an idea that I could practice the comic format for a future story. So, a few years later, I started forming an idea with TMM for SoRe, a mix-and-match school that could allow for all the different kinds of chars that real people like to play.

About the chars:
The majority of chars belong to TMM and me, with some background chars belonging to other people-check out the Guest Char section for more info on them. But, not everyone's chars can be adopted, due to clear copy writing issues. Still, I like having a variety of chars to draw, even if they are just in the background.

About the authors:
MEDdMI is the main writer, artist and web handler. TMM provides other chars, insight, editing, and inspiration. We are both in our 20's and are also currently dating and living together. We also have a cat, some fish, and withered plants.

Do you take commissions?
Yes. I will provide you with a free sample sketch if you're interested. Prices are around $5 for a B&W pic, $10 for color, depending on the complexity. Please contact me with your idea if you're interested.

Where did you learn to draw?
I've been drawing since I was a kid, but especially from age 10 and up. I was greatly influenced by anime, manga, and Japan as a kid, and would frequently doodle in my notebooks. I have taken multiple art classes, but nothing major. Over the years I've developed my own style, but I also like drawing in different ways which is why you'll see a variety in drawing styles.
My main tip for aspiring artists is this: Many "how to draw manga" art books published in US are crap. Even I can draw better than some of them. Don't worry about following a certain way word-for-word, experiment with different things and see what you like.

Why don't you tell us more about yourselves?
For various reasons-mostly I'm kinda shy about people I know in real life finding out about this. I also don't like to brag or advertise my work, so most of the people who I've directly told about this are close friends. I've also had an odd life, so even if I did tell you, you might not believe me. As for TMM, he feels that there's not much about him that is interesting, though I certainly beg to differ. :P

Feel free to contact me via private messages on Smack Jeeves. By e-mail, contact me: meddmi AT animail DOT net
On AIM, my screename is MEDdMI. Don't be shy!

(c)2008-14 MEDdMI & TMM. Do not use without permission.