Eventually, things such as wallpapers, extra art, and the like will go here. Right now, there's not much...

Donation Incentive:
If you'd like to consider donating, here are the current incentives. I am also available for commissions, around $3 for b&w and $5 for color, please contact me for more details.

~All donations, no matter how little, will get a pinup/wallpaper e-mailed to you. You can choose either the current or a past wallpaper per donation-please specify which one you'd like or you will get the current one by default. This is all processed manually, so please allow time for your request. If there are any problems, please e-mail: meddmi AT animail DOT net.
Previews, newest to oldest:

~For every $25 in donations, I will draw an extra, full color storyline page to be posted within 7 days. I also do art commissions-if you request a commission from me and mention the comic, the amount will count towards the donation total. Prices vary depending on the piece, but are as low as $3 for a sketch. This includes Paypal fees. Please contact me if you're interested.
Examples of things I can make: Posters/wallpaper, paintings, bookmarks, cards, simple arts and crafts (plushies, jewelry, knitting, sewing), avatars, sigs, banners, etc.


Fanstuff! I'm so happy. Send me your art, stories, anything!
A pic of Rob and Lethe done as a Christmas exchange by Milkshake Its fun to see them in a different style.
Random gag strips with the blank template, done by Kyla.
An avatar of Debrah done in City of Heroes form by Devcon.

These are rough maps, not to scale, and poorly drawn :P
A map of SoRe and what surrounds it
The entire SoRe campus
The Sore classroom building

First drafts, pinups, and the like. There's also some rough stuff on my DA site.
One blank 4-panel template for folks too lazy to draw their own. Send me your results!
Two blank 4-panel template get two blank templates for the price of one!
A picture of Lethe and Rob if they were more like your typical anime characters. Scary! This image was used as filler, but I thought I might as well post it here too.
An early picture of the SoRe students As you can see, there weren't very many back then.
An early picture of the SoRe staff All but one of them are part of the current SoRe story.


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