The Linking Page!
This should be fairly obvious, its a page of links to some of my favorite sites.

Personal Links:
Look, new banners! If you want one that is a different size, please let me know. I also have a bunch of ads through Project Wonderful.

My Deviant Art site Check out my artwork. High-rez comic pages are also available here. I am currently taking commissions, at about $5-$10, depending on the piece. PM me here or on DA if you're interested.

UStream My UStream room, MEDraw. Watch me draw the comic live, or check out the pre-recorded segments. No set schedule for this, however.

Twitter Stay updated with my latest mischief, including when I'm streaming.

Role-playing forum If you're part of Gaia Online, this is a link to a SoRe RP forum. Sadly it fell apart due to lack of members, but if the comic gets popular enough I'd love to have an official forum.

The Allspark A great information site for everything Transformers related. My co-writer TMM and I are active in the forums, especially Beast Mayhem where madness is king. This is also where all those guest chars got created.

Transformers Deadzone RPG A Transformers role-playing forum that TMM frequents. The characters are all existing ones or original creations. They won't accept just any character, however.

Other Webcomics and such (in almost alphabetic order):
Some of these are not suitable for kids, so browse at your own risk. Some of the buttons I made myself because I couldn't find any official button-sized ones on the site. If you have one, send it over and I'll post it. Please let me know if any of the links aren't working.

Other Links
W3Schools Help and information on building websites with various methods, for free.
Project Wonderful A great resource for advertising, even for free!
Top Web Comics Site listing and voting.
Webcomicz A site with comic listings and reviews.
The Studio A forum with webcomic help and discussion. Caboose, the mod, also helped me out with the current design.
Care 2 A community of people campaigning for various rights. You can do stuff for free that donates to worthy causes.
Andrusi Comics from Andrusi, creator of Andrea.
Limabean01 DA site for Limabean, creator of Dive-bomb and Sandstone. He does some official TF art, too!
Skyshatter DA site for Skyshatter, creator of Mr.Shadow and Alto.
TF Wiki Everything and anything you need to know about Transformers. A collection of Engrish pictures (misspelled or grammatically incorrect English).
Gaia Online An avatar dress-up community aimed mostly at younger folks.
Wizards of the Coast Official site for D&D, Magic TCG, etc.
National Do Not Call Registry Take your phone numbers off all legitimate telemarketers' lists.
Real Life With Married People A hilarious webseries based on, well, read the title.


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