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Is it over yet?

Lethe's sentiments in the first Holiday strip reflects mine this year. At least gift-giving stress is over, except that TMM and I misplaced one gift that has disappeared in some mysteriously hidden swirly-vortex-thingy in our apartment. It has also claimed most of TMM's DS games, socks, loose change, and my motivation. Yeeeeep.

As for the comic, I'll be taking a story break in between chapters 2 and 3, to take a closer look at the characters and settings. For the most part it'll be stand-alone pages that aren't absolutely necessary to the main story, but nice supplements. In other news, my drawing arm has been acting up a lot lately, feeling numb and twitchy despite me trying not to use it too much. Fortunately, I can somewhat draw with my other hand, though it takes me three times as long and is really wobbly.

Wobble wobble. Hey look, long rant! Also, I've been watching episodes of "The Emperor's New School" on Netflix instant-watch. That might explain the weird mood I'm in. Good times. Mmmm... spinach puffs. <3

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