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The Webcomics Weekend was fun. Due to the long drive and busy schedule, we could only make it on Saturday for a few hours. No one there approached us, which is what I expected, but if you were there looking for a free sketch and didn't see us around, let me know and I'll send one to you.

As you may know, I spent the previous week out of town with family, spending every day doing wedding stuff non-stop, so I got back on Friday night, collapsed, and it was off to NEWW the next day. Thus, I didn't have time to make promo material, but while sitting around at the event I did whip up a few promo cards. Here are some pics, though they are hard to make out:
Front Sides and Back Sides

If you managed to grab one of these, they were made by hand on the spot. One of them even has a sneak peek at someone important who will be appearing soon. Not that the cards are worth anything, but hey. Next time we go to an event, we'll try to be more prepared. :P

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