Here you can find information on the characters in a general order of importance (which is subject to change). Be patient please, more characters and updated info will be added as it is revealed in the main story-I just hate spoilers. :P
I'm also including characters appearing in SoRe that were created by people other than TMM or I. They are all original creations made from people in a forum I frequent. If you want to see how some of them came about, check out this thread. If you want to see the specific thread where I got permission to use these chars, look right here.
The descriptions for these guest characters have been provided by the creators themselves. These chars right now are specific to this webcomic, and any other projects their creators make.



Name: A. Lethe Dentro

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe (new student), the Real World (college)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 19
Looks: Medium height and lean, with a lack of curves. Short, dark red hair with grey eyes, slightly tan. She also has a fairly large nose.
Outfit: Plain shirt, jeans, brown trench coat, blue baseball cap with 'Detective' on it. Sometimes she carries a backpack with a notepad, pen and pencil, cheap camera, wallet, basic cell phone, and contact lenses. She also likes to carry some duct tape around.
Personality: Generally a tomboy, she likes dressing plainly and doesn't act very girly. She's quite curious and inquisitive, with a slight mischievous streak. She likes to think that she's got an open mind, but some things are hard for her to believe.
Abilities: Somewhat smart and resourceful. A source of knowledge about the Real World.
Backstory: She comes from the real world, so not much is known about her life other than she is currently majoring in Criminal Justice. She commutes to college and lives with her mom and younger sister Athena.

Name: Rob (Rubedo)

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, student
Gender: Male
Race: Wind Tribe-a humanoid race with some birdlike features.
Age: 18
Looks: Tall and medium build. Slightly dirty blond short hair, green eyes. He has white skin and slightly pointed ears and large gray bird-like wings.
Outfit: T-shirt, jeans, steel-toe boots. He always wears a green ring, often carries a wallet chain, and occasionally has art supplies.
Personality: Sarcastic smartass and anti-social.
Abilities: Can fly/glide a little, can use minor magic, likes to do some art on the side. He can also play guitar, but not very well.
Backstory: Rob is Kaze's twin brother-they had been together as children, but Rob got lost in an alternate dimension and spent many years there before being mysteriously transported back to his regular dimension. Together with Kaze, he joined SoRe not long after it was established.

Name: Kaze

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, student
Gender: Male
Race: Wind Tribe-a humanoid race with some birdlike features.
Age: 18
Looks: Tall and medium build. Slightly dirty blond medium length hair, green eyes. He has white skin and slightly pointed ears and large gray bird-like wings.
Outfit: Dark blue clothes that resemble a school uniform. He always wears a green ring and carries a wooden flute.
Personality: Shy and severely anti-social.
Abilities: Can fly/glide a little, can use some magic, and is good at playing the flute. He can also draw a little bit.
Backstory: Kaze is Rob's twin brother-they had been together as children, but Rob got lost in an alternate dimension. Together with Rob, Kaze joined SoRe not long after it was established.

Name: Kuuki

Creator: MEDdMI
School: Pearl(new student)
Gender: Female all the way
Race: Human?
Age: Looks about 18
Looks: Tall and very curvy. Long wavy sea-green hair and a bronze complexion. Purple eyes and a total bombshell.
Outfit: Clothes that are fashionable and form-fitting, usually in blues, purples, or greens. She never looks bad.
Personality: She seems a little absent minded but is kind, gentle, and sweet.
Abilities: Has some klutz moments that always end up in sexy situations (eg, ripped clothes).
Backstory: A new arrival to Pearl, she was apparently created by Lethe and Athena as an "ideal woman". She is trying to figure out what exactly that involves, as her creators did not put much detail into her.

Name: Rivala

Creator: MEDdMI
School: Pearl student
Gender: Female
Race: Human (anime/manga)
Age: About 17
Looks: Anime style, slim with generous proportions. Blue eyes and long hair that's currently black.
Outfit: A flowing white dress with gold bling. Rarely changes her outfit.
Personality: Smug, vain, overbearing, competitive, drama queen and typical "rival" type character. She loves cute guys, especially ones she has to compete for. She recently discovered yaoi.
Abilities: Manipulating others, spending money, loud piercing laugh.
Backstory: She used to belong to a typical shoujou manga but fell out of use.


Name: Fianne

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, VP (Vizier of Pain)
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf
Age: Looks in her late 30's, actual age unknown.
Looks: Short and stocky build, wild red hair, almond-shaped green eyes, peach and freckled skin. She has thick eyebrows and a few scars.
Outfit: Business casual, just less appropriate. She often carries a spatula, riding crop, and keys to the school.
Personality: Strong and in charge, she likes to boss others around and have fun. She is also very good at her job, reprimanding students and staff for bad behavior.
Abilities: Pretty good sense of hearing, knows what punishments would be most effective.
Backstory: Created for a RPG in a classic fantasy setting, Fianne was originally a tragic and minor character. An outcast from her fellow dwarves, she had a life full of adventure and fun until she was killed in a minor battle. Her character now forgotten, she eventually went on to co-found the School of Rejects and has a new calling as Vizier of Pain.

Creator: Devcon
School: Pearl (headmistress)
Gender: F
Race: Human
Age: Somewhat old, but not quite elderly.
Looks: Tall-ish height, scrawny build. Brown eyes, gray hair and some wrinkles. Aged, glasses.
Outfit: Conservative black outfit, seems to carry a strange detonator-like device at all times... has a perpetual scowl.
Personality: Debrah is the current headmistress of Pearl. Prone to fits of anger (in which she yells at people to stay off the lawn, even those not even near it), she apparently fuels on coffee - and LOTS of it. While she looks old, rumor has it that she looks older than she really is, and has been artificially aged due to an accident involving radiation. She has lots of cats, all with Viking-sounding names (Sven, Erik, Thor, etc etc etc) and doesn't hesitate to sic them on students attracting her ire. She also has a life-sized picture of herself in her office, which she sometimes use as a decoy to avoid those darn boring functions - somehow people only realize they've been talking to Cardboard Cutout Debrah until after it's too late. Rumors fly that she has an alter ego of some sorts. Of course that's utter rubbish. And she has vowed to find and crush this "Debrahwoman" as she is ruining what little reputation she has.
Backstory: ?

Name: Blink

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe & Pearl, event MC, substitute teacher, bard...
Gender: Male
Race: ?
Age: ?
Looks: Short and stocky, gray skin, slightly pointed and hairy ears, long wavy red-white hair and piercing aqua eyes. He's also fairly hairy.
Outfit: Often wears a gray hooded cloak which covers his face and body. Frequently wears eccentric outfits. Carries a Lute, grappling hook and rope, sai, and a set of dice.
Personality: Charming, mysterious, always smiling with a slight British/Irish accent... just what is he up to?
Abilities: He can blend in the background or shine in the spotlight.
Backstory: Unknown


Name: Harue

School: SoRe, home ec and botany teacher
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Mid 20's
Looks: Medium height, slightly pudgy, and tanned. Has medium length brown hair, with bangs covering right eye. Left eye is brown, scar over right eye.
Outfit: Hawaiian shirts, pajama pants, sometimes a red long coat and a straw hat. She ALWAYS carries a small first aid kit.
Personality: She's almost always in a bright, cheery mood. She is kind and gentle, but also a klutz and a little crazy. She loves nature and animals, and the only reason she's the home ec teacher is to show students what NOT to do.
Abilities: She is able to manipulate air, but only to a minor degree. Rumors of other abilities remain unconfirmed.
Backstory: Created for an online rpg, as a realistic yet fun char. It may not seem like it, but she is essentially the same char as Thorn, with a different past.

Name: Thorn

School: SoRe, street ec teacher
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Mid 20's
Looks: Medium height, slightly skinny. Short brown hair with bangs across the right side, brown eyes, slightly pale skin. Usually looks grumpy. She has a tattoo of a black vine with thorn spiraling around her right arm.
Outfit: Dark and goth/punk clothes. She almost always carries cigarettes and a few knives.
Personality: She's almost always in a grumpy, dark mood. She tends to swear a lot and has a quick temper, and Harue and Joe piss her off more than anyone else.
Abilities: She is able to manipulate fire, but only to a minor degree.
Backstory: Created as an opposite, alternate dimension version of Harue for an online RPG. It may not seem like it, but she and Harue are the same person, if they had slightly different lives.

Name: Joe (Joseph Marquis)

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, mech/engineering class.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: In his 30's, looks a little younger.
Looks: Tall, medium build. Premature white hair, blue eyes. A bit of a pretty boy.
Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt, pilot's jacket. Often carries mechanical tools, or whatever's convenient.
Personality: A jerk. Sarcastic and likes to get on people's nerves just for the hell of it. Rarely shows his true feelings. Seems to get on Thorn's nerves a lot.
Abilities: A mech/engineering genius, a good pilot and average diplomat. Most psychics can't read his mind.
Backstory: Inspired by mecha shows and created for online role playing. He was originally part of a paramilitary organization and went out into space as part of diplomatic missions with aliens. He even made his own mecha. When the creator's role playing group drifted apart, Joe was retired.

Name: E.B. (Easter Bunny)

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, bartender and occasional teacher
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Werebunny
Age: Looks about 20
Looks: Tall and scrawny, with short, fluffy, lavender hair and bright red eyes. His skin is very pale and lightly freckled. He also has large teeth and ears.
Outfit: A plain button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black slacks, sometimes a waist apron. He occasionally carries a towel or two.
Personality: He tries to keep a cool front but he is quite naive and speaks without thinking, which can result in embarrassing situations.
Abilities: Unknown
Backstory: He was intended as a one-time gag char but his creator started using him more often, until eventually he fell out of use.

Name: Chair, The

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, Chairperson
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Looks: A fancy rolling throne/chair.
Outfit: Unknown
Personality: The Chair is the leader of SoRe, and is personified by a fancy rolling throne/chair. No one has ever seen if there is a force or someone behind The Chair at all. When there are decisions to be made, its answers are revealed though dubious divining methods.
Abilities: Communicates via divining sticks, Ouija board, 8-ball, etc. Appears to be all-knowing.
Backstory: While searching for grounds to start a new school, Fianne and some of the other staff found an abandoned building, and oddly enough there was a shiny fancy chair in one room, along with various divining items. For unknown reasons, they decided to follow The Chair and build the SoRe there.

Name: School, The

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, the school itself
Gender: none
Race: none
Age: unknown
Looks: Rather oddly shaped and colored buildings, possibly designed by someone with no architectural integrity/taste.
Outfit: none
Equipment: All the things you could want for a school and more
Personality: While the school doesn't have a personality per se, it seems to be alive, able to change its layout to suit those inside it. No one knows if these changes are being activated somehow, or if they are merely by the whim of the school. It also keeps a barrier up that prevents unwanted lifeforms from entering, and triggers alarms when they do. For some reason, Lethe went unnoticed for quite awhile.
Abilities: It can change itself as it sees fit. It may even be alive...
Backstory: Unknown. Fianne, along with some of the current staff and students, found an abandoned building with some life in it. Over a few days, the building had completely rebuilt itself into its current form.


Name: Akuma

Creator: MEDdMI
School: Pearl, student
Gender: Female?
Race: Demon
Age: Looks about 16
Looks: Short with tough red skin. Has a messy black-and-white braid, black eyes with white irises and pupils. She has horns on her head, the left one is broken. Also has a long tail and reverse-jointed legs. Has 3 digits on her hands and feet.
Outfit: Anything comfortable.
Personality: Quiet, mostly.
Abilities: Quasi-ninja skills.
Backstory: Unknown

Name: Athena Mneme Dentro

Creator: MEDdMI
School: Real World, student
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 16
Looks: Short with mid-length light brown hair and gray eyes.
Outfit: Anything cute.
Personality: Social and girly, she likes to spend money on clothes and music. Thinks Lethe is boring.
Abilities: Able to annoy her family, a bit creative.
Backstory: She is Lethe's younger sister and has no knowledge of the world of SoRe.

Name: Dino

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, cleaning crew and pet
Gender: ?
Race: Dinosaur
Age: ?
Looks: Short, cute red and grey dino.
Outfit: None.
Personality: Lives to eat, willingly cleans up just about any mess due to a colossal appetite.
Abilities: Unknown
Backstory: Unknown

Name: HM (Hall Monitor)

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, Hall Monitor
Gender: Unknown, but referred to as 'he'
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Looks: Tall and medium build, glowing green eyes without pupils. He has bone sliver wings, and wears a mask/helmet made of a dragon's skull.
Outfit: Most of the time his wings are folded over his body. Underneath, he has eerie armor that is stitched together on top of a bodysuit. No one is sure what he looks like under all that.
Personality: Creepy and emotionless. He appears when you least expect it and doesn't appear when you do. Nothing seems to phase him.
Abilities: Pops out of nowhere, sends shivers down most people's spines. Other abilities are unknown.
Backstory: A char inspired by Spawn, he was created for online role playing to help deal with power players and god-moders. However, being so overpowered got boring and eventually he was laid aside. He just appeared in SoRe one day and started watching from the shadows.

Name: Iro (short for Omoshiroi)

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, student
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Age: Looks about 10
Looks: Short and scrawny with messy bright blue hair and bright green eyes. Slightly tan.
Outfit: Bright green shirt and orange shorts, doesn't change often. Often wears a band-aid or two.
Personality: Cute and fun-loving kid who often causes trouble without meaning to. Calls Harue and Thorn "big sis". His personality and klutziness is similar to Harue.
Abilities: Very good at climbing tall trees, then falling out of them. Other abilities unknown.
Backstory: Unknown

Name: Juma (short for Danjuma)

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe student
Gender: Male
Race: Cheetah furry
Age: About 19
Looks: Tall and lean. Orange buzz/mohawk hair with dark brown spots and ends, yellow/brown eyes. He has short orange/brown colored fur, sharp canines, large ears and a long cheetah tail.
Outfit: Old and tattered clothes made of natural cloth/leather.
Personality: Tends to sleep most of the time unless food is involved.
Abilities: Can run at an amazing speed for short bursts of time, if/when he feels like it. He can sleep just about anywhere.
Backstory: He was sketched by an artist a few times, then forgotten about completely.

Name: Ken

Creator: MEDdMI
School: Pearl PE Teacher
Gender: Manly man
Race: Almost Saiyan
Age: Older 40's
Looks: Tall and well muscled. Tall spiky black hair and black eyes.
Outfit: A gi, typically in black.
Personality: Likes to fight. Wow.
Abilities: Overpowered.
Backstory: A fan character based off of that popular anime/manga which you probably know.

Name: Mi-chan

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe student
Gender: Female...?
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Looks: Tall and wide, black hair in twin braids and small black beady eyes. Her skin is an oily white, she has hairy limbs, and a creepy face.
Outfit: A sailor-fuku that is way too small.
Personality: Likes to creep out people. No one's sure what her real personality is like.
Abilities: Can gross out just about anyone.
Backstory: Was created as a comic relief ugly girl for a harem story, but was later swapped out for a more eye-pleasing ugly duckling type char.

Name: Napoleon (Nappy or Leon for short, he prefers the latter)

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe student
Gender: Male
Race: Unisus/human
Age: Looks 16, actual unknown
Looks: Bishounen. Tall, skinny, and pale, with luxurious pale white/blue/purple hair and golden eyes. He also has a small golden gem in his forehead which can grow into a horn. In unisus form, he is a majestic white fur, a flowing mane and tail, bird-like wings and a golden horn.
Outfit: Likes to wear revealing clothes, has a black collar with golden chain around his neck.
Personality: VERY vain. He tries to be elegant and glamorous, but often fails. He speaks with a pseudo French accent, and often mispronounces or gets the wrong words. He is also extremely perverted and chases after purity.
Abilities: He can read most people's purity, but only if he touches bare skin with his bare hand. His horn reacts as a thermometer of sorts, the longer it grows the more pure the person.
Backstory: He was a minor char in an amateur furry yaoi story. He wanted to join Pearl but was kicked out. With no other school to go to, he joined Sore.

Name: Ostra (short for Ostragotha Demile)

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe student
Gender: Female
Race: Skunk furry
Age: About 17
Looks: Short and slightly curvy build, spiky black & white hair, pale light blue eyes. She has dark grey fur with white stripes/diamonds on it. Her ears are emotive, and she has a big fuzzy skunk tail. Also very cute, if you like furries.
Outfit: Black and/or white loligoth.
Personality: Skunks tend to spray when they feel threatened, and Ostra tends to do so when she gets overly emotional-which unfortunately is quite often. She tries to control herself, but she worries about the opinion of others so much that she tends to stress herself out.
Abilities: Powerful, smelly stinkbombs/spray. Has mastered the "moe" factor down to an art.
Backstory: Created for an amateur fanfiction but later exchanged for a cooler animal.

Name: Paul the Porcupine & Saka

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, students
Gender: Paul: male Saka: female
Race: Paul: porcupine furry Saka: mermaid
Age: Unknown
Looks: Paul: Short and medium build, brown skin/eyes. His hair is also brown, but very sharp and can actually hurt people. He has random quills covering most of his body. Saka: Short and stout, blue-green scales, big blue eyes, and yellow gills. A rather silly looking "mermaid".
Outfit: Paul: Cheap clothes, as he is constantly putting holes through them. Saka: Simple cloth that allows for mobility.
Personality: The annoying lovey-dovey couple. They are almost always holding hands, coming up with nicknames, declaring their eternal love, etc. They are determined that they were made for each other.
Abilities: Able to annoy with mush.
Backstory: Paul was a character in a little-known kid's book, hence his tendency to rhyme. Saka was a low-level monster in an old RPG game.

Name: Rayne

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe PE teacher
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Amazon)
Age: Early 30's
Looks: Tall and well muscled. She has short and messy dirty blond hair, amber eyes, and well tanned skin. Has a crooked nose, battle scars, and no right breast.
Outfit: Comfortable clothes, usually in maroon and gold.
Personality: A tough and quiet teacher with a strong presence. Many believe her not to be bright.
Abilities: Athletic abilities from a lifetime of rigorous training.
Backstory: She was created as a more realistic Amazon warrior who was kicked out of her tribe. Her creator dumped her as well for a more sexy, two-breasted Amazon.

Name: Rika

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe student
Gender: Female
Race: Flying squirrel/furry/human
Age: Looks about 11
Looks: Short and a wee bit chubby. Has shortish pink hair in pigtails, brown eyes, and brown skin. In flying squirrel mode she is about the size of a housecat, and bright pink. Her were form looks mostly human with squirrel ears/tail/teeth. In all forms she keeps her pigtails and glasses.
Outfit: Wears whatever is handy.
Personality: Think hyperactive kid after eating a ton of sugar-infused chocolate with energy drinks on the side.
Abilities: Can easily "poof" in between her various forms. She can glide in squirrel form. Her energy often get on people's nerves.
Backstory: She was supposed to be your average hyper kid, but turned so hyperactive she was dumped out of her story. Sore's pretty much the only place that can handle her.

Name: Sei

Creator: TMM
School: Pearl, Gender Issues teacher
Gender: Unknown, looks female
Race: Human
Age: 20's
Looks: 'She' is short and skinny, with a long orange/red braid and light red eyes.
Outfit: Concealing Chinese-ish clothes.
Personality: Reserved and withdrawn, prone to fits of violence.
Abilities: Anime-style martial arts skills.
Backstory: A possible Ranma 1/2 fan character.

Name: Sparkle Angels

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, cutesy background effects
Gender: Appears that one is male and the other is female
Race: Cherubs?
Age: Unknown
Looks: The male has purple hair, green eyes, and dark skin. The female has blond hair, blue eyes, and light skin. Both are tiny and in chibi form. They both have tiny wings, halos, and huge eyes
Outfit: Robes and angelic instruments.
Personality: They feel the need to provide sparkly backgrounds, music, and other pleasant sound effects whenever they feel is necessary, even if they aren't wanted. The girl seems to be tougher than the male.
Abilities: Ability to summon background sparkles, music, and other annoying effects.
Backstory: Created as nothing more than a sight gag for a manga, they wandered into SoRe after the gag had run dry.

Name: Torentia

Creator: TMM
School: SoRe, councelor
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Looks to be in her late 30's/early 40's, actual unknown.
Looks: Short with wavy dark purple hair and eyes that change color with her mood.
Outfit: Tends to wear long robes and has mismatched shoes.
Personality: Grumpy and meddling. Likes to watch from the background and mess with people.
Abilities: Sorceress, walking plot device.
Backstory: She used to work at Pearl and left when SoRe was being formed.

Name: Yvernes

Creator: MEDdMI
School: SoRe, secretary/finances/boring stuff
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Age: Looks in his mid 30's, actual unknown
Looks: Tall and lean with silvery white hair and pale blue eyes. He also has pointy ears and feminine features.
Outfit: Formal shirt, tie, and pants. Sometimes carries a clipboard, pencils, and a calculator.
Personality: Mostly calm and aloof, but he can seem nervous, even scared, of Fianne. Regardless, he gets his job done and is often seen after hours at the bar. Often wishes he were somewhere else.
Abilities: Excellent brooding skills, a bit of a neat freak. So-so at finances.
Backstory: He's a drow. Of course he's got a sad and tragic story. Or at least, that's what he'd like you to think. Either way, he was one of the staff members with Fianne when they started SoRe.

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